Sunday, January 11, 2009

my first live blog <3

I have decided to take on live blogging the Golden Globe Awards this year. I'll be updating on red carpet looks, winners, and all the fabulous-ness and "OMG" moments that this years Golden Globes have to offer. I <3 award show season.

11:00p: Congrats to big surprise Mickey Rourke's win as best dramatic actor, and to the no surprise at all win of Slumdog Millionaire as best dramatic film. I think I've decided live blogging is not my favorite thing. Maybe for shorter events...:) Thanks for reading.

10:40p: Loving how cuckoo-bananas Kate Winslet is at winning her second award of the night. Its nice to see genuine surprise and gratefulness in an actress.

10:27p: My sugar is crashing, therefore, my days of live blogging are nearly coming to an end.

9:52: My food finally came, and in the time it took me to devour it, I saw 30 Rock and Tina Fey win for their respective cateogories, kudos to both, 30 Rock is a hilarious show.

9:31:  I am bored with them for the time being. And I'm irritated my Chinese hasn't arrived yet. :(

9:21: Amy Poehler looks pretty good for having a baby recently, while presenting Best Actor/Comedy with McDreamy. And Alec Baldwin wins it. Not my choice of Steve Carell. But 30 Rock is still a flippin' hilarious show.

9:19p: Seth Rogen is a skinnie-minnie. And he also lost his raspy voice along with his weight. He doesn't sound like Rolf from the Muppets anymore. I have mixed emotions about this.

9:01p: Jeremy Piven is crying. I'm sure he'll blame it on the mercury poisoning messing with his emotions.

8:57:  Demi Moore corrects her Potato-Head daughter's posture. Cute. Then she presents to the best supporting actor...who is Heath Ledger. Well deserved. Standing ovations all around. Cheers.

8:52: Jake Gyllenhaal breaks hearts across America with that smile, I need him to be in more movies. NOW.

8:40p: Jonas Brothers make a dapper entrance. The camera man chooses to focus on the Cyrus clan why? Irregardless, they present the award to Best Animated Film, and coincidentally, the first one I've picked right, Wall-E. And everyone loves Johnny Depp, presenting best actress in a musical or comedy, which went to Sally Hawkins for 'Happy-Go-Lucky.'

8:31p: Zac Efron is such a cutie, and he presented the award for best leading tv actor in a drama series to Gabriel Byrne for something I don't watch. I am not doing so hot on my pics. Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz are at the same table. I like that they're still friends even thought Charlie's Angels is loooong over.

8:25p: So my computer froze, and now I am 25 minutes behind! Oh no! Kate Winslet won best supporting actress for a film, and NPH sadly lost to a guy from the John Adams miniseries for supporting actor. Also, Bruce Springsteen won Best Original Song from a motion picture for a song from "The Wrestler." [which looks like a great movie if I can get past how frightening Mickey Rourke looks in it...]

8:00p: And so they begin!

7:52p: Everyone is making their last minute runs down the carpet, saw flashes of Blake Lively, Robert Downey Jr., Ashton & Demi, all looking great.

7:50p: Jeremy Piven makes some lame comment about how he's grateful to be there, and then probably some lame excuse about his mercury poisoning...I kind of stopped listening. And Megan Fox has appearance insecurities. That makes me feel so much better about life.

7:44p: Last minute picks for TV Actors/Shows : Drama: Mad Men, Mariska Hargitay [SVU], Jon Hamm [Mad Men], Comedy: The Office, Mary-Louise Parker [Weeds], Steve Carell [The Office], Supporting Actor/Actress: Neil Patrick Harris[How I Met Your Mother], Rachel Griffiths [Brothers&Sisters]

7:41p: The gods are smiling on me. John Krasinski. in a suit. and he swoons over Leo, too. Which makes me swoon over him.

7:39p: Zaaac Efron. Looking like a cutie pie. But where's Vanessa? [I'd ditch her too.] *Just kidding she's on the red carpet. Ew.

7:36p: commercial, soooo my picks for supporting actor/actress are: Heath Ledger and Amy Adams. And Animated Feature: Wall-E.

7:33p: Anne Hathaway is gorgeous in Armani Prive. I love how awkward and dorky she is in real life. I want to be friends with her.

7:31p: I continue hating Eva Mendes for being so beautiful. And continue swooning over Leonardo DiCaprio like I did in Elementary School.

7:25p: Comedic/Musical Movie/Actor/Actress Picks: Burn After Reading, Meryl Streep, and James Franco.<3

7:22p: Awkward sexual tension between Miley and the JB. Billy Ray makes it more awkward. I will give her cre7:dit for her cute Marchesa dress. But her mother needs to cover up. Sheesh.

7:20p: GD the Jonas Bros are TOO cute. I want to squeeze them. Also, Miley needs to stop throwing peace signs on the red carpet. Get a new schtick.

7:16p: Maggie Gyllenhaal's Lanvin dress is different, but i l.o.v.e. it. The print, the color, the cut, it all is so great, and so Maggie. It's classy, yet indie and eclectic.

7:10p: Elizabeth Banks looking old Hollywood glam in J.Mendel. Loves it. and the Fred Leighton hair clip, too.

7:05: Hmmm, Jeremy Piven can't finish his run in 'Speed-the-Plow' on broadway due to 'mercury poisoning' yet he's well enough to attend the Golden Globes? Ok.

6:58p: Ohhh. Jay is wearing paisley. I still am not a fan.

6:52p: more commercials/my picks. this time for lead actor/actress in a motion picture drama. Anne Hathaway has garnered some big buzz and acclaim for her role in 'Rachel Getting Married' plus I think she's just great, haha, so I pick her. As for actor, the only movie I've seen is "Milk" and its hard to believe anyone could be better in their roles than Sean Penn, so he gets my pick as well.

6:49p: Just saw Miley Cyrus get out of her car and check her teeth. Almost barfed up my lunch.

6:47p: Eva Longoria looking fab in a Reem Acra red strapless gown with a flowy, full, mermaid-y skirt. She looks great. And surprise, Aaron Eckhardt joins her talking to Ryan Seacrest. He looks quite dapper in a [slightly crooked] bow tie and suit.

6:42p: Commercial/My Pick for "Best Motion Picture Drama" is 'Slumdog Millionare.' I haven't seen it, but between the Critic's Choice Wins and the buzz its been getting, its heavily favored

6:37p: Mr. J from ANTM...what are you wearing? It's certainly...flashy.

6:33p: Just realized one day Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Harlow Ritchie/Madden will be eligible to be Miss Golden Globe. Amazing.

6:29p: Rumer Willis' dress is different. I think it would look better if her hair didn't contrast it so badly. I can't make up my mind how I feel about it.

6:21p: Jenna Fischer's dress is fabulous. I love the print! Missed who the designer was. Will find out asap :)

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