Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gift Guide: Day 3 - byrdie

Today's wish list comes from the lovely Bryn, from Byrdie. Her list is full of sleek, elegant lady-like pieces, much like the content she posts on her blog. 


1. this gold bird bowl would make such a pretty and interesting centerpiece
2. i've loved this calendar necklace ever seen i first saw it years ago. it's perfect to commemorate a special date
3. the cartier love bracelet is on my dream wish list. it's something i would wear everyday and have forever
4. baggu has awesome products in great colors. i love this pretty, metallic pouch 
5. a fun, bright coffee table book - great for kids and adults
6. i'm always a sucker for sequin. this party dress would be so fun for holiday parties
7. i could totally use an ipad or a macbook to easily jam in my handbag without weighing me down
8. i've always been a fan of this fun New York skyline dinnerware
9. this argan oil moisturizing stick is without any junk like parabens, fragrance, etc and perfect for multiple uses
10. a sleek, functional (and bright) suitcase to make travel easier

[Interested in seeing my list before Friday? Check out Desmitten!]

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gift Guide: Day 2 - CoCo Canal

Today's wish list comes from Melina, the savvy stylist over at CoCo Canal. Enjoy her luxurious and fashion forward, yet quirky/fun guide!

1:: I love to snuggle up on the couch with friends for a cozy night in and this Pendelton blanket I've been eyeing for a while. It doesn't hurt that I love the pattern and color combo. {$218}

2:: I'm really into hats right now and when Miu Miu sent wool caps down the runway I swooned.  Casual chic at its best! {$395}

3:: In a perfect world I would make enough money to take a week's vacation to this castle in the sky--well in a tree house in La Piantata, Italy at least.

4:: Sex and the City never gets old to me.  This book has an image of every ensemble worn by all four leading ladies and the designer name/description for each piece in the look. I mean! {$20}

5:: If I didn't work in fashion I would be a chef.  How adorable would a date be at The Brooklyn Kitchen for a couple's cooking class or for a pre-bachelorette party?! {prices vary on the type of class}

6:: Head over heels in love with these fringe boots by Isabel Marant.  I'm a sucker for anything with fringe and a wedge has proven to be my best friend for work and life walking the city. {$2,200}

7:: Last Christmas I signed up for an Instagram account and finally found something to do with all the images.  Head over to Casetagram and you can make a case with images from your account--Genius! {$35}

8:: Like I said before, I love to cook and this mortar and pestle works for anything from guacamole to dressings and spice rubs. {$50}

9:: I'm always looking for a special touch when it comes to accessories.  I would be over the moon to receive these collar clips in my stocking this year to add some pizzaz to any button down. {$18}

10:: The holidays can't always be about me.  I stumbled upon this wine company, Swanson Wine, and think the bottles are the cutest gift ever.  A congratulations, I'm sorry, Just Married...Thoughtful and adorable. {$25}

[PS - my boss has those boots, and they're amaaaazing. solid choice.]

[Can't wait til Friday to see my list? Check out Byrdie!]

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gift Guide: Day 1 - DeSmitten

This week, I was invited to participate in a Holiday Gift Guide round-robin of sorts, by some pretty fabulous bloggers. Each day I'll be sharing one of their wish lists, and reveal mine Friday! Although, if you just can't wait, I'll let you know which blog has mine up currently ;) [today? I'm over on Undeclared Panache.]

First up is the amazingly talented Christina, over at DeSmitten. She's always on the pulse of the latest trends, and has one of the most glamorous, chic blogs I know. Here's her amazing wishlist!

1. French Vogue's former editor, Carine Roitfeld came out with a book filled with her editorials, showcasing her eccentric styling. Irreverent  ($62) is inspiration for every fashionista!
2. I recently broke our digital camera, so we are in dire need of a new one! The Nikon Coolpix S8100 ($280) is small and has a great zoom lens.
3. I've been obsessed with Hugo Guinness's sketches for years! I would love either print, Briefs or Eyeglasses ($275 each)... Simple prints that make great conversational pieces.
4. Recently I am craving a warm throw to have on the sofa. I love this navy graphic throw ($195) from Haus Interior. Made from combed cotton, it is great for all seasons!
5. One to kill every living thing in our apartment (except the cat!), I have faith in this hanging cacti terrarium ($160), from Score and is artistic and hopefully kill-proof!
6. On the search for an everyday face wash that isn't too harsh for my sensitive skin, this Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ($15) sounds perfect!
7. Always keeping my eye open for the perfect vintage silk robe to wear while getting ready, this 1950's Kimono ($85) is perfect!
8. This cashmere scarf ($340) from A Peach Treaty, creates employment for skilled artisans working in socio-political strife around the world. It is also a great accessory with neutral colors and prints to go with any winter coat you wear this year!
9. Our apartment has electric heat=very expensive, so we keep the apartment at a cool 58 degrees all winter long. These adorably warm Rachel Comey Bunny Slippers ($290) may be expensive, but are indeed built to last. And they are made from humanely found baby alpaca fur! Fun fact- Alpaca is one of the most sustainable fibers in the world!
10. After using a very cheap set of pots and pans for the past few years, it is time for an upgrade! Le Creuset set in Black Onyx ($580) would be the ultimate in Christmas gifts, or at least one piece would be a good start!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

gobble gobble gobble

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful day, and feasting til you can't move!

This is also my first Thanksgiving since I've gone vegetarian, so bring on the meat-free sides ;)

I'm heading to the parade bright and early, look for pictures soon!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

swoonsday - sexiest man alive edition.

One thing I'm always thankful for this time of year?

People's Sexiest Man Alive Issue.

Happy Swoonsday, y'all!

This years winner was Bradley Cooper. Swoooon.

Honorable Mentions go to:

Star of Community & The Soup, Joel McHale

My personal pick for the title, Ryan Gosling. Suh-woooon.

Sexy British Spider-man, Andrew Garfield

Jeremy Renner, who I still refuse to believe is 40. Impossible.

Ryan Kwanten, aka Jason Stackhouse. Om nom nom.

Check out the full list, on newsstands now!

[images via people magazine]

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My latest obsession is Childish Gambino, the alter-ego of comedian and actor, Donald Glover. His latest album, Camp, is phenomenal. I have been listening to it non-stop. Here's his performance of Bonfire from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. 

Be prepared for some serious swagger.

Monday, November 21, 2011

i'm seriously so bad at this lately...

So it's been a long while since I blogged. Again. And I'm so sorry. Again. But I'm going to try very hard to keep up with it. Here's some stuff that's happened in my life since I last posted...

Free Black Eyed Peas concert in Central Park

Homemade rainbow birthday cupcakes (tutorial soon!)

Birthday drinks at a speakeasy--vodka tonic's in tea cups? yes please!

Fist-pumping with Pauly D

Hanging out with Perez

Interesting sights at the Halloween Parade

Crossing a taping of Conan off the Bucket List 

Met Mindy Kaling at her book signing. We're obvi going to be BFFs. 

Harry Potter on B'Way. [Fantastic. If you can, see it before he leaves the end of December.]

Spent an ungodly amount of time in Central Park. It's just so pretty during the fall... 

First time at the Highline. Loves it.

Checked out the rink at Bryant Park.