Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my summer playlist, thus far...

I posted a video of one of my favorite songs for this summer, and here's a playlist of what I'll be listening to as of now...

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glastonbury babies...

Style.com had some images of concert festival goers at the Glastonbury Music Festival in England. One day I'll be able to attend one of these faboosh music fests I pine over...one day. Until then, thanks Style.com for keeping me updated on what to wear :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

songs of summer...

Here's one of the songs on track to be a part of the soundtrack to my summer*...so fun!! And who knew Leighton Meester could actually sing?!

*The rest being a mix of Lady Gaga, the HAIR cast recording, and lots more :)

happy monday...

It's Monday. Enough Said. :)

the most important message in this one is 'Let the Sun Shine In...'
although the rain is much needed in Michigan

I've been to NYC multiple times in the last 6 years, even lived there for 2 summers...and I only recently found this statue...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

-xoxo, anna sui

Anna Sui is the next designer on deck for Target's lower price point collections, but this time there's a twist. As I understand it, starting with Sui's collection, each designer will have to pick a specific client in mind for their looks. Anna chose a subject--or rather, group of subjects--close to my heart: the Gossip Girl ladies. She came up with 4-5 looks for each of the four leading characters: Blair, Serena, Jenny, and Vanessa. While I liked the designs for "Vanessa," I felt they 1) didn't gel with the rest of the collection very well at all [they were all brown and orange!] and 2) didn't really embody Vanessa's Brooklyn/hipster vibe. I like a lot of the "Serena" looks, but again, not so 'Serena.' I think the "Jenny" looks definitely have the right vibe, they aren't my favorite things. I think the "Blair" collection is the most true to the character, but again, [in my opinion!] there are some things that I just don't see Blair wearing [although this dress to the left, so fab!] I'm hoping they're more impressive in person. The collections did get me excited, because for once I feel ahead of the game. For my Independent Study this past semester, I designed 3 collections using watercolors, and each one was very loosely based on a Gossip Girl character, combined with a touch of my 3 favorite musicals, and a bit of a location. Blair had elements of 1890's 'Spring Awakening'-esque feminine touches, and hints of Moscow. Serena encompassed the free spirit vibe of 'HAIR', and dashes of London. Jenny went a bit more alternative combining 'RENT' with a grungy bit of Seattle. The Blair and Serena collections were my favorite, but the Jenny collection I really let myself experiment with color combos and design elements. I've posted Anna's interpretation of the characters, along with mine...







Friday, June 26, 2009

poppy field

I'm not usually a fan of Coach. I just don't see the need for the letter "C" all over a product when it doesn't stand for 'Chanel.' :) That being said, I'm kind of enjoying Coach's newest endeavor, a off-shoot line titled 'Poppy.' It's a fresh, flirty, young take on some of their more classic silhouettes. I am in love with a lot of the jewelry, the vibrant colors, and styling of the ads. I also like the wristlets, that instead of being covered in "C's" are stamped with a funky font, and foiled in gold. Here are some of my favs!