Wednesday, October 7, 2009

weekend in the city...

So, I have been on a bit of hiatus. All the Fashion Week coverage overwhelmed me and I gave up for the time being. I will attempt to put some of my favs up over the rest of the month.

Today, I decided to pretend I was going to NYC for the weekend/my birthday, and if I had an hefty travel wardrobe budget, or hefty budget period, this is what I would wear for my activities...

Friday: Central Park, MoMA, general touristy things:
pieces that could be easily layered, and would be comfortable for walking around the city on a potentially brisk day...

1. sweater, free people
2. tunic, tracy reese
3. skinny jeans, william rast
4. bracelet, anthropologie
5. necklace, urban outfitters
6. ankle boots, anthropologie
7. jacket, nanette lepore
8. fingerless gloves, anthropologie
9. bag, anthropologie

Saturday: SoHo shopping, Broadway show:
dressy enough for the theatre, but comfy and casual enough to window shop in SoHo all day

1. dress, anthropologie
2. leather jacket, kenna
3. boots, free people
4. key necklace, tiffanys
5. headband, urban outfitters
6. lip stain, sephora
7. tights, free people
8. bracelet, urban outfitters
9. quilted handbag, chanel

Sunday: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, West Village for shopping and belated birthday cupcakes:
More layering! Really casual, yet sophisticated, and lots of accessories to round out the look.

1. tights, hue
2. leggings, pencey
3. blazer, urban outfitters
4. wool shorts, chloe
5. seamless tank, anthropologie
6. ankle boots, free people
7. scarf, anthropologie
8. necklace, free people
9. bunny ring, urban outfitters
10. saddle bag, urban outfitters
11. french bull dog t-shirt, anthropologie, where to "travel" to next... :)