Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it's lolla time

Sorry for being so MIA again. My computer screen decided to burn out on me, so I said 'Eff it, I'm getting a Mac!' So then I played the waiting game til my new baby arrived. [who still needs a name, suggestions are welcome!] Then I was helping out with a play, so for two weeks my life was work all day, play all night, literally. 
Now, I'm embarking on a real vacation...IT'S LOLLAPALOOZA TIME! [aaaah!] I am so excited to be seeing some of these bands, AND Perez Hilton is throwing one of his EPIC 'One Night In...' concerts, and I'm trying to snag some tickets---so wish me luck!!! We'll also have a little time to play tourist and do some Shia spotting[Transformers 3 is still filming, right??]
 So enjoy these images from weheartit, and check back next week for some personal images from the festival...

Bands I am DYING over:

other bands i am pretty pumped about:
Arcade Fire
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Neon Trees
Grizzly Bear

...and lots of others :)

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