Friday, October 8, 2010

absolutely fabulous fridays - birthday edition

It's my birthday, so here are some things I find absolutely fabulous right now! 
[One thing for each year I've been on this planet ;)]

1. fabulous fall colors

2. fabulous 'makes me smile' tunes from edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

3. fabulous sewing projects

4. fabulous rainbow cakes

5. fabulous little trinkets 

6. fabulous ways to keep calm &...

7. fabulous boots, tis the season

8. fabulous christmas decor, even if its barely october

9. fabulous fall smells

10. fabulous naptime spots

11. fabulous timepieces

12. fabulous television shows that should probably be revived...seriously.

12 more fabulous things after the jump :)

13. fabulous illustrations

14. fabulous cures for a sweet tooth

15. fabulous gallery walls

16. fabulous double thanksgivings--i have duel citizenship! :)

17. fabulous southern living

18. fabulous tribute episodes

19. fabulous moustaches

20. fabulous city lights

21. fabulous little window boxes

22. fabulous sparkly things

23. fabulous mythical creatures i can't get enough of...aka, unicorns.
[i neeeeed that bike. srsly.]

24. fabulous chandeliers

...and it was a lot harder than i thought to think of 24 different things. goodness.


Lauren said...

So many fabulous things!!! Have a fabulous birthday weekend!!

briglioa21 said...

Thanks lauren!!! :-)