Friday, January 4, 2008

one pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small...

Over the holidays I fell down the rabbit hole, and rediscovered how much I love the Disney Movie "Alice in Wonderland." Her magical trip through the looking glass and all over the magical world of Wonderland still holds my attention and gets my creative juices flowing. I've thought up a complete collection in my head of fabulous party frocks based around the characters that are too crazy to be real, but at the same time, have an relatable human quality to them.

I discovered this collection of garments, right, from various locations on They highlighted the main colors of Alice's wardrobe, while throwing in some funky accessories based on the supporting characters.

This dress to the left is from Erin Fetherston's Spring 2007 collection. It gave me a feel of the "Alice" silhouette, and if made in the traditional blue she wears, it would be absolutely perfect for a new live movie--dream cast? Marcy Rylan, from "Guiding Light" would be the perfect 'Alice,' in both looks and talent, and Johnny Depp as the 'Caterpillar'--hands down, and Zoey Deschanel as the 'Queen of Hearts.' The rest of the cast? An eclectic mix of up and coming talent and a few movie legends.

On, I discovered a spread from Vogue Dec. '03 Issue featuring some fabulous designers creating their perfect "Alice" frocks. Here are my favorites.

[rochas dress by oliver theyskens, designer pictured at right]

[dress by helmut lang]

[dress by marc jacobs, designer pictured on mushroom]

[Chanel Haute Couture jacket, skirt, and boots, designer, Karl Lagerfield, at left]

[Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano, pictured at left as the fabulous Queen of Hearts!]

[Atelier Versace dress, designer Donatella Versace and Rupert Everett at right]

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