Tuesday, June 24, 2008

spotted on the UES...

S & B dressed to the nines, as usual. S & B being the fictional Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf of the
CW's hit series 'Gossip Girl'. Yes. I am still terribly obsessed with this show, and no. I'm not in anyway ashamed to admit it. This show continues to inspire my designs, from subtle influences in accessories--hello, patterned tights!--to the great mix-and-matching of classic looks with a modern flair. 

But, what would any decent prime-time soap opera be without the boys? Gossip Girl's three main hotties are also expertly styled, each with their own little spin--at least when they're seen out of their St. Jude's School for Boys uniforms.

 The guy everyone loves to hate, Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick, is hardly ever without his scarf, a bow tie, or something plaid--all attributing to his signature look. He's always a little bit classier, and more dressed up than the others, which definitely gives him that snobby, rich kid appeal.  

"Lonely Boy" Dan Humphrey, played by the talented Penn Badgley, is NYC's answer to Seth Cohen :) Residing on the wrong side of the tracks--in this case, Brooklyn--Dan's style is a little more indie-rocker, and a little less pretentious than the other boys. He favors neutral colors, and clothes with less structure and more laid-back attitude--just enough "emo" without being overkill. 

The last--and my personal fav.-- UES hottie is Nathaniel Archibald, aka Nate, played by Chace Crawford [sigh.]. Nate's look is a much more relaxed version of Chuck's--preppy, but with a casual quality to it. He also tends to wear a lot of blues, which is fine with me--it brings out his eyes :)

[i had to put the last one in <3]

and in true soap opera fashion, they're pretty consistently on the arm of a different girl--making them the best accessory of all...

[all images courtesy of CW online]

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