Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Style.com had a spread featured in the next issue of Vogue that combined two of my favorite things--fashion & music! I am constantly inspired in my designs by my favorite music of the moment, and cannot get enough of mixing the two. These images feature bands that Vogue thinks you should get familiar with, if you aren't already. I am working on downloading those that I haven't heard as we speak :)

vampire weekend
{love this band! so catchy, can't wait for their new album!}


adam green

{another personal fav, i don't know why he hasn't caught on in the states yet!!}

the horrors

the horrors

{if you haven't heard of them yet, where have you been?}

chester french
{these guys opened for blink-182 this summer, fantastic!}

golden silvers

and while we're on the subject of music, here's a holiday ditty, originally performed on SNL by jimmy fallon, horation sanz, chris kattan, and tracy morgan, and now covered by julian casablancas of the strokes: "i wish it was christmas today"

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