Friday, December 3, 2010

2010 gift guide - the music lover

So, I am jumping on the gift guide bandwagon this year. :) Mostly so I can try to get myself a little more organized for the holidays in hopes it will make getting organized for my move a little easier.* 

My first gift guide is for the music lover in your life. Everyone has one. That person who knows the coolest bands before everyone else does, the concert junkie, the one who always has the music for the party covered. Here are some ideas for gifts** for your music lover:

1. record player 2. the suburbs 3. the fame monster 4. ear buds 5. decoded 6. beatles: trivial pursuit 7. woodstock: the concert, director's cut 8. festival tickets, various websites :)

*it is not, so far
**some of these are directly from my sisters personal christmas wish list.

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Alex said...

hahaha i was going to say "wow this looks an awful lot like my xmas list. hmm"