Wednesday, December 15, 2010

swoonsday: holiday window edition

This week's swoonsday is a little bit different :) Nothing makes me swoon more than the holiday window displays of the stores in NYC. Barney's windows are always have a really quirky twist to them, this years being all things "foodie." Sak's took their windows on a tour through a young girl's dream world, while Bendel's recreates the magic that is the Nutcracker Ballet. My favorite every season is Bergdorf's, and this year they took us on a trip to the edges of the universe. Simply amazing. What are you favorite swoonworthy windows?



Henri Bendel

Bergdorf Goodman
[all images via refinery 29]
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1 comment:

Kim said...

In the last one from Barney's...are they all wearing...snuggies? That one wins by default, no matter how amazing the rest of the displays are.