Monday, August 25, 2008

one more week...

I will try to keep this post short and sweet :) Gossip Girl starts up again on Monday, Sept. 1st, on the CW. Here's some promo pics from the first episode and stills from the racy ads.  I love the ensembles at the "white party." Also, the dress Nate's future "cougar" is wearing to the event is fabulous. I wish there had been more pictures of Jenny, her dress was super cute, and remotely age appropriate, which doesn't happen that often with this show. I love all of Blair's throwback frocks and her very Elizabeth Taylor-esque one piece bathing suit. Also, I'm liking the cutie she's riding her bike with. He's a dapper looking fellow. Serena's dress for the white party was b-e-a-utiful. I love the modern-grecian look to it. Her beach cover up was the perfect touch of sophistication to a day in the Hamptons. Chuck's Hampton's gear is pretty snazzy as well. Fedora's, amazing suits, plaid on plaid, and short shorts make for some rich summer looks.  Dan looks like he's moving out of the slightly emo look and into a bit more mature and sophisticated style. And as always, Nate Archibald doesn't disappoint on the J.Crew-chic look. :) These images make me wish I had a few more weeks of summer [and could spend them being as fabulous as the cast and characters of Gossip Girl. Enjoy!

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