Saturday, September 20, 2008

october road...

As the days get cooler in Michigan, my need [and want!] for a fabulous fall wardrobe increases. While the weather is still in that end of summer limbo of hott days and cool nights, I am excited for fall. I can't wait for the leaves to start change, Halloween and Thanksgiving, and the World Series [even though that Yankees continue to break my heart]. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, [tied with Spring and Summer :) ] and I love when plaid flannels, tall boots, and scarves start working themselves into fashionistas daily looks. I have been searching for about 4 years now for the perfect, and affordable boots. I want them knee-high/over-the-knee, black, cuffed, flat or low heeled, and possible a buckle somewhere--essentially pirate boots. But because I have gargantuan feet, and a college students budget, this task has proven itself difficult. I did, however, invest in a pair of  ankle-high Minnetonka booties, they're pretty comfy--even after walking all over Manhattan in them last February! I also want to add some patterned/thick knit tights to my closet, they add a bit of spice to a basic outfit. I'm also always looking to add more fun accessories for fall. Bangles from Bendels, leather bags, hippie headbands, moccasin boots, fun colored flats, fedoras, and totes for a cause always make me happy. As far as apparel wants/needs go, I'm all about party frocks in rich colors and materials, shrunken boy blazers, vests with fun additions, cozy sweaters, high waisted skirts, dolman sleeves, and multiple layers. Disney tween star Selena Gomez shows off some fabulous layering in a spread from Teen Vogue on Young Hollywood rising stars, to the left. I'm also in love with the purple striped dog sweater from Henri Bendel. My dog is far to large for it, but if I had a little lap dog, you can be it would wear sweaters. :) While I don't think I'll be adding any of these exact pieces, I'm hoping to add some version of them to my fall wardrobe---especially because I have a birthday coming up soon, hint hint ;) !!!

L-R: Ted Baker London dress, Henri Bendel's bracelets, Henri Bendel's dog sweater

L-R: Minnetonka boots, cable knit leggings from Urban, Free People locket ring, looong cardigan from Urban

L-R: Urban draped vest, Free People head bands, Frye leather tote

L-R: all Free People, dolman tunic, jacket, fedora, sweater, tank

L-R: Free People tops, purple moccasin flat, black tall boot, both from, 

L-R: Minnetonka boot, Henri Bendel's tote for a cause, Free People dolman cape/jacket, Bendel's striped wallet

L-R: sequined vest, lace tights, both Urban, Ted Baker London dress, Free People outfit, shrunken blazer from Urban

L-R: Henri Bendel bangles, purple croc flats from, high waisted skirt from Urban

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