Tuesday, October 7, 2008

go shorty...

...it's my birthday!!! :D On October 8th, I'm turning 22 [ and I know I'm not old at all, but I feel so old! ] and I thought I'd share a few other fabulous people born on this wonderful day, as well as a few of my birthday favs/wishes/gifts :) 
The pic to the left is from this summer in central park...my friend was visiting and we were getting ready to leave the park when John Driscoll, the soap opera star who I've been "in love" with since I first saw him on Guiding Light, entered the park...so long story short, I dragged my friend back in to the park, and asked him for a picture, which he happily obliged to and chatted with us for a few minutes :) It was shaping up to be the best day of my life...til my flip flop broke and I had to walk out of the park and a few city blocks with one shoe on...which was disgusting, by the way. I just felt like this was an appropriate pic to put up b/c my b-day is an exciting event, and this day was pretty exciting too!!!  [also, b/c I like to brag about this. Believe me. it was a pretty big deal...]
Anyway, I'm going to celebrate my b-day by going to class, a fundraiser for SADA, and a night filled with homework...and maybe a new tattoo?...and then a trip to the U.P. for the weekend...nothing to exciting, but thats ok. I like it quiet :) 

Here are some "celebs" who share my birfday. Happy Birthday to them, and anyone else celebrating today!!! I think I'm in pretty good company...

l-r: angus t. jones from two and a half men, chevy chase, johnny ramone, MATT DAMON.

l-r: mike"the miz" mizanin, nick cannon, jesse jackson, dennis kucinich

l-r: paul hogan aka crocodile dundee, sigourney weaver, r.l. stine - author of 'goosebumps' series.

b-day wishlist/favs:

L-R: chinese laundry boots[i've been coveting them for a while!], the office season 4, a cosmo :), magnolia's cupcakse, gossip girl season 1 

and the fabulous present i already got from my parents! a shiny new iPod...


the back says "let the sunshine in..." :)

also, what i'd like more than anything for my birthday is for everyone to vote and help make some changes in this country... <3

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