Monday, January 25, 2010

say hello to your friends...

When I was younger, I was obsessed with 'The Baby-Sitters Club' book series. I was even a member of the BSC book of the month club. One of my favorite parts of each book would be the descriptions of the outfits the girls were wearing, and my favorite characters were the most fashionable, Claudia and Stacey. I like to think that these books helped shaped my aesthetic as a designer, and they continue to influence me now. I've created some Polyvore sets showing what each BSC member might dress like if they were a 2010 hipster, as opposed to being stuck in middle school forever. Dibbly fresh, no? :)


Kristy- President
kristy and the great idea

Claudia- Vice President
claudia and the great search

Mary-Anne - Secretary
mary-anne breaks the rules

Stacey - Treasurer
stacey's emergency

Dawn - Alternate
dawn, on the coast

Mallory - Jr. Member
hello, mallory

Jessi - Jr. Member
jessi's big break


Sadako said...

Very nice! But what about Abby? :D

Amelia said...

This makes me very happy! But I don't think Mallory would have worn so much red in one outfit.

briglioa21 said...


[ mallory's look is taken from the book where she doesn't want to be babyish anymore, she talked about wearing tights with hearts and red/white stuff for v-day! :) ]