Friday, November 14, 2008

fall into the GAP

Now, I realize its barely Thanksgiving yet, BUT I have been obsessed with GAP ads for years now, andt my favorite campaigns have always been for the Christmas season. This year is no exception. Not only have they put out some fabulous print ads, but they created a slew of "ReMixed" Christmas carols featuring some really random celebrity pairings and lots of interpretive dancing. My personal favorite print ad that I've seen so far is this one to the left with Jason Bateman & his adorable daughter Francesca. And while I loved all the individual ReMixed songs, I posted the entire "cast" version of "Jingle Bells"  because it was just so fun and happy! I'm sure GAP has many more ads up their sleeves to motivate us to have the holiday spirit this season, and I can't wait to see them.

l-r: jason sudekis, fred armisen, seth meyers, will forte

l-r: jon hamm, jennifer westfeldt, mary louise parker

l-r: ben barnes, cam gigandet

happy holidays!!!

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