Sunday, November 23, 2008

christmas bells are ringing...

and I have been compiling my "wish list." I really don't have anything I really truly need for Christmas this year, but I still managed to come up with a few things I wouldn't mind waiting under the tree for me from Santa or someone else... :)

*This could grow, shrink and change over the next few weeks, but this is what I could think of tonight, and is in no special order...

l-r: "the wizard of oz" book, ipod case, nyc pillowcases, gossip girl season 1 dvd

l-r: wizard of oz on dvd, daniel vosovic's book, "inside out," legally blonde:the musical tour tickets

l-r: spring awakening tour tickets, russian matryoshka tapestry from urban outfitters, broadway cares/equity fights aids umbrella [ella, ella, eh, eh...]

l-r: "taking woodstock" [soon to be a motion picture featuring my future bff jonathan groff!!], spring awakening "in the flesh" companion book

aaaaaaaaand if you can't find anything else, this wouldn't be too bad smiling at me on Christmas morning ;)

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