Friday, August 7, 2009

crewcut cuties

For those who know me, its no secret I love babies, and most children. While checking my e-mail today, I discovered I had received one from J.Crew's children's line, 'crewcuts.' The image in the e-mail was so cute and intriguing, I headed over to the website and browsed the catalogue. It only made me more excited for the day I have children and can dress them in these fabulous looks. I do have an almost 8 year old cousin who would absolutely love a lot of this, but neither of us have the expendable cash for these exact pieces right now...but I may see if she likes them enough for me to make her some. I wish I had as much style and sass as some of these little models. So presh. :)

happy weekend! my parents are having a mortgage burning party, as their house is officially theirs!

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Lauren said...

Kids dressed like adults. I can never get enough.