Thursday, August 6, 2009

i think justin bobby took your ticket

I saw this article on the NYTimes blog, 'The Moment,' and just about died. One of my guilty pleasures is 'The Hills,' and no matter how fake it is, I find their trivial drama hilarious and fascinating. The artist, Karin Bubas, has a exhibition in Vancouver currently showcasing these soft pastel portraits of the principal cast of MTV's the Hills. Its amazing how talented and detailed these drawings are, especially being pastel, its a difficult medium to control and and make precise lines with. I wish I could have gotten the Whitney and the Justin-Bobby pieces on their own, so I apologize for the doubles of Audrina and Spencer, but I really wanted you to see the detail in these! I hope you find these as awesome, hilarious, and interesting as I do. Yet another idea I wish I had thought of first...

Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge

Justin-Bobby Brescia & Spencer Pratt

Lauren Conrad

Audrina Patridge
Spencer Pratt

Stephanie Pratt

Heidi [Montag] Pratt

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