Tuesday, February 24, 2009

you sound like you're from lon-don...

It's now Fall Fashion Week in London! I always get excited and intrigued by LFW because it's always such an interesting mix of out there fashions with totally wearable pieces--sometimes even within the same outfit! I have always wanted to visit London, but I'm not sure why. I think it stems from my obsession with Disney's Peter Pan as a child. That must be it. The lines presented so far in London seem to definitely be echoing the same color palettes that NY displayed last week, but I always find that London designers tend to push it a little further than those in the states. The designs usually have a more eccentric look than those in America, and usually are a little more trend-based and fashion forward. I have noticed the drop-waist is coming back into the silhouttes, like this Erdem dress to the left, as well as the layering of many key pieces and textures. I was particularily impressed with the Twenty8Twelve collection, designed by Savannah & Sienna Miller. "Celebrity" collections can be risky, but these sisters seem to have a pretty strong handle on fashion. I also really enjoyed the Luella collection. Her take on the "schoolgirl" look with a hard edge makes a fierce yet fun look for fall. I am excited to see what else London designers do for Fall '09 as London Fashion Week continues...



Peter Jensen



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