Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i just can't help myself...

Apparently with spring in full bloom, or at least here for the time being, there have been so many photo spreads with cute boys in their best spring fashions, and the new issue of GQ isn't any different. Their cover boy, Zac Efron, steams up this spread, although, not quite as much as his spread from Interview mag, but still. He's doing a wonderful job at shaking more of his HSM/Disney image, and embracing a more grown-up image. I realize Zac may be not everyones cup of tea, but you have to admit, he looks pretty darn good in these shots...and although I do appreciate the lack of shirt he happens to be sporting in the last shot, that is the only image that just doesn't really make sense to me in this set. Maybe they could have just stuck a really great, tailored vest and tie on him, or a deep-v tee? But, who am I to judge, the stylist clearly gets paid to do what they do, and I do not [yet.]. Hope you swoon over these as much as I did!

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