Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So this summer, I have lofty goals before I pack up and make my big move to NYC to start my career. I'm going to L.A. for a week, I want to go to Lollapalooza, be a tourist in my hometown, Lugnuts baseball, the list goes on and on, but the biggest one, should it actually happen, is go to Woodstock if [when?!] they hold a 40th anniversary concert. So what other way to dream about it than by making a polyvore set of what someone might wear to Woodstock '09? <3

woodstock '09

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Woodstock Story said...

Check out http://www.woodstockstory.com for all the latest info on Woodstock 2009 and the 40th Anniversary events. Good luck with your career and have a great summer!