Thursday, April 30, 2009

simply amazing

If you're a fan of fashion illustration in the slightest, I have no doubt you will become instantly obsessed with Laura Laines work! I love the whimsical quality, yet amazing attention to detail of each drawing. The ruffles are so fabulous I can barely stand it! I also love how real the hair looks--flowy and windswept all with a few lines on the page! I love love love the long, skinny legs that they all have, and the stark contrast of black & white--she definitely has a style all her own, and clearly communicates her design point! She also has a lot of sketches of other designers/companies garments, but in her unique style. Some of the pictures I posted are from Zara, Gareth Pugh, and the like. She seems to have a lot of work in magazines as well.  Check out her online portfolio/website for even more of her amazing work.

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