Sunday, March 1, 2009


I have professed my love for the musical "Spring Awakening" many, many times. I had the opportunity to see it twice on Broadway before it closed {with the original cast!}, I attended an "iTunes: Live from SoHo" performance/taping, and this past Wednesday, it was playing in E. Lansing as part of the series of Broadway shows they bring to campus. If you haven't heard of "Spring Awakening," its a fantastic story about teens in 1890s Germany who's parents don't tell them about puberty, and the consequenses, all set to a rock soundtrack written by Duncan Sheik & Stephen Sater. It won 8 Tony Awards in 2007, including Best Musical, and closed February 18, 2009. If anyone has the chance to see this show on the tour, which is continuing for the better part of the next year, don't' hesitate!! This was the first time I've ever sat front row for it, so needless to say it was amaaazing. I went in skeptical, as the original cast set the bar pretty high, but the touring cast was just as fabulous. We even had the understudy for 'Melchior' perform that night, and he blew me away. I'm pretty loyal to the original 'Melchior', but this kid will do big things. Perry Sherman, watch for him. This is one of my favorite musicals, and I've had the opportunity to meet some of the cast members after the shows and events, and I swear, they only cast the most genuinely nice people in this show. Even when they clearly had people waiting for them, they stayed much longer than they could have to make sure everyone got photos and autographs. Like I said, Jonathan Groff {the original 'Melchior'}, is one of the loves of my life. It's our destiny to become best friends. :) He's amazing. The costumes and stage set are also incredible. For being a show set in 1890s Germany, its a very modern-esque stage, with seating for the cast and audience members, and the costumes have a traditional base that keeps a time/place perspective. After seeing the show last week, I was inspired to find some things on Polyvore that could totally work today for a spring look. Here are some images from the show and from promotional things the cast has done, like a GAP ad!! {I'm still really mad I never found that one in print...} Also, the official music video for "Bitch of Living" and the cast performance from the 2007 Tony Awards. Enjoy!

spring's awakening

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