Sunday, March 22, 2009

o.k. by me in america...

This is the first post in what I hope to be a long-running series on my blog, of movies that have, or could very easily inspire fashion. This is also my way of tying in the s.a.d.a. fashion show at MSU to my blog :). The fashion show this year is titled 'lights. camera. fashion.' and each designer had a movie drawn from a hat for them, and had to create a collection inspired by it. The show is April 18th, and e-mail for more info! 'West Side Story' is one of the 35+ movies being designed this year, and Vanity Fair did an amazing web exclusive spread of young hollywood stars to recreate classic scenes. Camilla Belle looked beautiful as 'Maria' and Chris Evans makes a fantastic 'Riff.' VF's website has the full list of starlets, if you're curious for more. I love how true to the film these are, yet the stylist did a greate job of keeping them fun, and somehow still modern. 'West Side' also is experiencing a revival on Broadway currently, and I've included some stills from the show. And, because I'm still pretty obsessed with, I threw in a set inspired by the film! Enjoy!

ok by me in america

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