Saturday, March 28, 2009

live from new york...'s stills from Saturday Night Live! When SNL started this new format for their host/musical guest photos that aired before and after commercials, I was an instant fan. So, needless to say, when I discovered this gallery on, I was super excited. I love the tonal quality of these images, and how amazing each and every subject looks in them, no matter how different the set-ups are. I am going to be frequently checking this gallery to see if they update it regularly, especially because theres a few hosts coming up in the next few weeks that I'm pumped about. Theres over 100 images in the gallery right now, and I've picked a few of my favorites to share. Enjoy!

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Nataia said...

These are amazing photos! Keep up the good work I love your blog! And thanks for featuring me on your blogroll!

P.S I haven't forgotten to tell you all about LA, I'll send you a update soon :)