Tuesday, June 9, 2009

hallelujah, i adore it...

So once again, the Tony's have come and gone. I can honestly say I was blown away by them this year. This is the first year in a long while that I've actually been able to watch them, in their entirety, and I loved what I saw, minus the sound issues that they clearly had throughout the entire night. First off, the opening number was one of the coolest I've seen in a while..and who would have ever though Brett Micheals and Poison would ever have been performing on the Tony Awards? Not I. It featured an amazing medley of current Broadway shows, and I've embedded it at the end of this post. Next, Neil Patrick Harris was one of the best hosts I've ever seen for them, other than Hugh Jackman. He "suited up" in a faboosh shiny suit, kept it short and simple with the intros and banter, made some hilarious jokes throughout the night, and then stole the entire show with his "11 o'clock Number," which I have conveniently added at the end of this post :) The performances were pretty awesome, too. It only made me want to see most of the shows more than I already did...'West Side Story,' 'Next to Normal,' '9 to 5,' and 'Rock of Ages' all left me wanting more! ['Rock of Ages' mostly because one, who doesn't love 80's music, and two, they sang 'Don't Stop Believing' and threw a Michigan shout-out in--they pointed on their HAND to show where Detroit was!!] While I was a bit annoyed that 'Billy Elliot' took home most of the awards, I was sooo insanely thrilled that 'HAIR' won Best Revival of a Musical!!! I have professed my love for this show over and over again on this blog, so I'll just leave you with a few of the performance photos, and the must see performance video [Gavin Creel singing to Anne Hathaway? Hippies overtaking the audience? *swoon*] I've posted some photos from the Tony Awards official website from the red carpet, the show, dress rehearsals, and backstage, including one of my favorites as my main photo...Angela Landsbury & Poison?! Oh my...

HAIR cast, Best Featured Actress in a Musical - Karen Olivo for 'West Side Story'

Christopher Sieber as Lord Fardquardt in 'Shrek: the Musical,' Lauren Grahams amazing dress!

HAIR performance, Gina Gerhson & John Stamos, who will be seen in this fall's revival of 'Bye Bye Birdie.'

Anne Hathaway, who's dress I am obsessed with!, the end of the opening number featuring a whole slew of people singing 'Let the Sun Shine In' with the cast of HAIR

Liza Minelli, Marcia Gay Harden & Hope Davis presenting an award--loved Marcia's dress!

Neil Patrick Harris singing his '11 o'clock Number,' Aaron Tveit & Stockard Channing singing a medley in the opening number of songs from 'Next to Normal' and 'Pal Joey.'

Poison performing at the Tony Awards, HAIR

Anne Hathaway, who is performing in '12th Night' in Central Park right now, and playing Judy Garland on Broadway this fall!! Liza Minelli & Elton John backstage.

Rock of Ages performance, Elton John performing a song from Billy Elliot the Musical

Shrek the Musical cast performance, Dolly Parton

Will Sweson of HAIR, Anne Hathaway at the after party, Sutton Foster, and its a shame I couldn't find a full length picture, her dress was beautiful [and she's from Troy, Michigan!]

Allison Janney, Josefina Scaglione and Matt Cavenaugh performing a number from "West Side Story."

'9 to 5' cast performance

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