Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Tony Awards...

So, its no secret to this blog that I love musical theatre. So why wouldn't I be incredibly pumped for the Tony Awards this Sunday?! This is the first summer in a couple years I won't be in the city to attend the red carpet festivities from across the street, and its a little bit heartbreaking. Not only is one of my absolute favorite shows nominated for Best Revival of a Musical [HAIR], and 7 other awards, the cast is also performing, along with a whole slew of talented nominees! I'm excited to see the 'Next to Normal' performance, theres been a lot of buzz about that show, and from the music I've heard, its pretty phenomenal. The West Side Story revival cast is also performing, and I'm hoping it will be something different than what they've been doing on the talk show circuit. Liza Minelli will be attending, as her one woman show is nominated for Best Special Theatrical Event. Oh, and one of *THE BEST* reasons to check out the show?!? Neil Patrick Harris is hosting this year!!! NPH gets to 'suit up' a la Barney Stinson and be fabulous all over the awards show stage at Radio City Music Hall. I threw together this quick little Polyvore set for what I might wear if I got to actually walk the red carpet this year, instead of stand across the street and swoon like in the past.

tony awards

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