Friday, June 5, 2009

oh hai resort 2010

I feel like Fall Fashion Week just ended, and already, its time for Resort Fashions to make their debuts. So far, I've seen some really great things for the 2010 season. Fun colors, simple silhouettes, and a few strategic risks are pulling the collections together for whats shaping up to be a pretty decent season. A lot of collections have easy layering abilities to help take the wearer from fall, to a chic resort, to the early days of spring.  The collections thus far seem to have a general idea that you'll be going some place warm, possibly beachy for your resort season, but Chanel always takes it to that next level, and in this instance, its probably a darker, more goth-like beach :) Anna Sui had a really strong collection this time, I loved the purples in the line, as well as the denim! ADAM also had a strong showing, I *love* the grey sweatshirt-y top and melon-y shorts, and the white blazer is to die for! I also am digging the party frocks that Marc Jacobs included in his collection. The colors and prints are so fun and feminine! Another one of my favorites so far is Chris Benz. I love the simplicity of his looks, and the colors he chose are perfection! They're slightly bolder than fall colors, but not quite bright and light enough to be spring, perfect for travel to locations only slightly warmer than where you started...Alexander Wang's pale color scheme was another favorite. And, as always, Rag & Bone continue to be one of my favorite collections/design teams. They're monochromatic looks in high-quality fabrics continue they're "all-American" aesthetic.  I can't wait to see what the rest of the designers put out for Resort 2010...maybe *this* year, I'll get to partake in the season...



rag & bone


alexander wang

marc jacobs

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