Saturday, June 20, 2009

Model as Muse

While I was in New York City earlier this week, I had the opportunity to check out the newest Costume Institute exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, titled "The Model as Muse." According to their website:

"Exploring the reciprocal relationship between high fashion and evolving ideals of beauty, The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion focuses on iconic models of the twentieth century and their roles in projecting, and sometimes inspiring, the fashion of their respective eras. The exhibition, organized by historical period from 1947 to 1997, will feature haute couture and ready-to-wear masterworks accompanied by fashion photography and video footage of models who epitomized their epochs."

It was AMAZING. I had high expectations going into it, especially knowing Marc Jacobs was one of the sponsors who made it happen, and I was blown away at the quality of the exhibit. The garments were interesting, exquisite, and anything but ordinary, and all inspired by the models who eventually wore them. They paid attention to every detail--the garments, the imagery, the music, the layout, everything was amazing! One of my favorite sections of the exhibit was dedicated to the rise of the '90s supermodel, and featured a giant screen playing George Michael video, "Freedom," starring the women in the photo above. Unfortunately, because it's a special exhibit, they don't allow photography, BUT, the website for the Met provided some images from the exhibit, and a link to a Flickr album. If you're in NYC before August 9, I highly suggest checking it out, these photos don't even begin to do it justice...



Naomi Campbell

Kate Moss

Linda Evangelista

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent



Madame Gres

House of Dior


Charles James

Charles James

Entry to the exhibit

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