Saturday, May 30, 2009

cherry cherry boom boom

I know I'm not the first to join the Lady Gaga bandwagon, and I've been riding it for quite awhile now, but I've recently decided her debut album, 'The Fame' is destined to be one of the albums providing the soundtrack to my summer. She's a fierce, faboosh, femme fatale, whos catchy brand of disco-pop-party music has over-taken my iPod. Almost every song on her album makes me want to roll down the windows, and drive around aimlessly dancing in my car. Artists of every genre have been flocking to her concerts--even Weezer has incorporated a cover of her smash hit 'Poker Face' into their summer tour set list. Her style is stirring up the fashion scene as well, and I love the risks she takes with her look! She's a fan of the bodysuit/no-paints/sky high heels look, and is regularly spotted sporting it around the globe. From the zany one shoulder bodysuits with 3-d shoulder embellishments, to the lightning bolt she frequently sports on her face, to the crazy batwing, hooded, I can't get enough! She also wears some of the most intricate and creative accessories, in the form of wire cages, graphic resin-y add ons, oversized bows, and bows made out of hair! Check it out...

loved this orbit-cage thing she wore on the ellen show! 

this hooded body suit is awesome, the tights that looked like peeling sunburnt skin? not so much.

...and heres a little something i put together on polyvore...essentially my how to dress like Lady Gaga guide :)

gaga in the mood

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