Friday, May 15, 2009

stumbled upon

I am a big fan of the website Stumble Upon. Its a great way to waste time when you're online, or in need of a new website to browse. You fill in your likes, and every time you clike "Stumble Upon" it takes you to a new site filled with things you're interested in. While playing around with it the other day, it took me to the website of Trish South Management, which was *filled* to the brim with amazing photography of all the talent they manage. They have a lot of fashion images, as well as landscapes, portraits, advertising, and more. I will be featuring a lot of photography from this site in the future, especially when I need some new inspiration, but for today I chose this collection of photos by Kayt Jones. I love the tonal quality, and earthy undertones of the images. Take a look around the website, there's some really amazing images!


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